China announced the creation of the world’s most powerful quantum computer

A group of Chinese scientists created a prototype of a quantum computer that processes data 10 billion times faster than a 53-cubit device from Google. The results of the study have been published in the journal Science.

The supercomputer called Jiuzhang consists of an array of optical devices that move photons around them. It includes light sources, hundreds of light dividers, dozens of mirrors and many photon detectors. Tests have achieved values of up to 76 photons.

In 200 seconds, the device can perform a calculation that would take an ordinary computer over half a billion years. Scientists have called this event „quantum superiority“ – it was previously achieved in 2019 on the Google supercomputer.

„A quantum computing breakthrough is like a threshold. It proves that if the new prototype of a quantum computer exceeds the strongest traditional computer in certain tasks, then breakthroughs can happen in many other areas,“ said Lu Chaoyang, Professor at China University of Science and Technology.

The quantum computer is based on the principle of superposition, and instead Bitcoin Revolution of bits, quantum bits (cubits) are used. Some researchers have called it a real threat to the underlying Blockchain technology.

In January 2019, the technology giant IBM introduced the first quantum computer for commercial and research purposes, Q System One, with a 20-cubit system.

In the spring of the same year, IBM’s block manager Jess Lund assumed that in the future quantum computing would be able to calculate private keys using public keys as a template.

Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known businessman and bitcoin evangelist, questioned the reality of the threat posed by the computer. In his opinion, developers will be able to update digital signature algorithms as quantum computing develops.

Stanley Yoon, Technical Director of IBM Blockchain for Finance, told ForkLog that it will not be possible to create a fail-safe device capable of cracking some types of encryption systems soon.

In November 2019, Rosatom Corporation announced the start of development of a quantum computer for 24 billion rubles. In its plans – to receive four types of devices in the size from 50 to 100 cubits by 2024.

Let’s remind, in June, 2020 aerospace giant Honeywell has presented twice as much prototypes from Google and IBM the computer in volume in 64 cubits.

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